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Our History

Hi! My name is Dean Miller Jr. I started working with adults with disabilities throughout college. Prior to this job, I had never worked nor had experience with the DD population.

I fell in love with this field instantly. Getting to help individuals accomplish everyday tasks showed how important and needed providers like us are.

After a short amount of time I knew becoming a provider was going to be my career path....


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I was pursuing my degree in business management at Walsh University and spent two semesters creating a business plan.

The focus of the plan was to provide highly sought-after services in a unique way. My team and I traveled to Texas Christian University and competed against teams with business plans from across the globe.

We enjoyed our time there, but that was just the beginning for me. When I got back to Canton, I set out on a journey. I had a vision, and I was going to see that vision through.

I wanted to give adults with disabilities the same opportunities that I had been given. This led the establishment of Clearview in 2017. Starting as a transportation company that would take individuals to and from community employment locations and also day services locations. The need was much larger than expected since I was operating at all hours seven days a week. It seemed like there were not many options for evenings, weekends and holiday transportation. I grew faster than expected and had to quickly hire additional staff to assist with keeping up with the need.

One day, an individual we transport, asked us to take him out on an outing to have some fun and that kicked off our HPC outing schedule.

Just like transportation, HPC outings grew way faster than anticipated. We started offering a monthly calendar of events and now release a calendar for an entire year.

Loaded with events like concerts, professional sports, weekend trips and fun nights out.


It’s great to watch the individuals work up courage to do things they otherwise may not have had the opportunity to do like Zip Linning, Cedar Point or leaving their parents to go on an overnight trip. All of the trips are created off of the recommendation that are given to us each year.

No idea is to big or small, if it’s possible we are probably going to do it.

Watching the friendships and memories our individuals make on these outings is incredible and we love being able to give them that opportunity.


As we did with our HPC outings I also wanted to offer a unique work experience for our individuals.

In September of 2020 I launched Clearly Everything, a vocational program for adults with disabilities. It is like no other program and offers a real life training with a goal of community employment.

We offer training in stocking, quality control, online sales, cash register experience, purchasing and distribution. What is most rewarding is watching our individuals accomplish work tasks they didn’t think or know they could do. Although, it’s not all work! We have weekly outings and daily dance parties as well.

Going forward, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Clearview.

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