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Services we offer

Adult Day Support


Do you like finding new things to do while making friends?

Check out our ADS program that operates Monday through Friday 10:00am-3:00pm. At Clearview you will get to voice your outing ideas and we will make them happen. Each month you will receive a calendar of events based on the recommendations given. Person centered community involvement is the foundation of our program with the purpose of maximizing awareness of community resources and opportunities.

Personal Care

Homemaker Personal Care


Our HPC Outings are one of the favorites around here! We strive to give individuals experiences they otherwise might not have. There is such an importance in surrounding yourself with a loving community and thriving relationships. It's very common for us to see lifelong friendships created and that’s what it's all about.

Day Trips  
Do you like to have fun and go out with great people? Well, so do we! Each year, we release a year long outing schedule that is packed with fun day trips like Cav’s, Ohio State, Steelers and Monster games. Not into sports? That’s okay! You can also find us at amusement parks, concerts, water parks, haunted houses, Amish country, museums and so much more.

Over Nights 
Want more than a day trips?  We’ve also got that covered. Joins us for a full weekend of fun in places like Washington DC, Hershey PA, Cincinnati and Niagara Falls.

Non-Medical Transport

Non-Medical Transportation

clearview vans.jpg

Clearview offers Non-Medical Transportation Monday - Friday

We transport to day services, vocational training programs and community employment locations all over Stark County.

If you need transportation during our operating hours feel free to give us a call.

Vocational Habilitation

Vocational Habilitation


Operating 5 days a week, Clearview has a unique work experience that sets us apart from other programs that are out there. You have the option to come as many as 5 days a week, or as little as 1 day a week. Our hours are 10:00am-3:00pm.

We strive to have a loving nurturing environment where our individuals can learn the skills they need to be successful out in the community. We believe in creating a strong fundamental relationship with our individuals to gain their respect and trust.  Teaching each person the work skills they need in order to be successful is our goal. This includes everything from staying on task to how to get along with your co-workers. Having that strong fundamental relationship allows us to have some of those hard work conversations that sets our individuals up for success. Its not all work, we also have fun activities throughout the week to keep our days entertaining.  We travel somewhere different every day. Some days it’s a local coffee shop, others it might be the library to check out books and hang out with our peers in the community. Not only do we want to set employment goals, but also give our individuals the ability to maximize their personal independence.

Stop in on a Wednesday and watch us prepare our lunches from start to finish.

You’ll see a planned menu, grocery shopping, budgeting at the store and then finally a very fun cooking experience for everyone. All menus are based off of suggestions given. This is something many individuals look forward to each week.

Did we mention we like to have fun at work? On Fridays we focus on taking it easy and getting out to do something enjoyable.


Based off of suggestion each Friday is catered to a weekly outing. You can always plan on going out to eat and doing some type of fun activity like traveling to Cleveland, the bowling alley, movies, go karting, museums, parks, and so much more. No matter what day or time, you will find us laughing about something!

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